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My deepest thoughts and prayers are with you Marion and your family. I have had along with VES the pleasure of Buck’s presence along with “The House Band" for numerous years pleasing students and faculty alike with hours of fabulous music. Buck you will be sorely missed. With all my Love and Prayers, Jocelyne
Condolences to his family and dear friends.
Sorry to hear about the lost of Calvin. He was a magnetic person. A good brother.
Sorry to hear about the lost of Clavin. He was a magnetic person.
My heart breaks for Calvin's passing, and I send love and prayers of comfort for his precious Marion and children. He taught our son, Andy, martial arts and he taught him well. My late husband, Fitch, thought the world of him. When Fitch became too ill to physically attend The House Band gigs, we would park as close as we could at Friday Cheers so he could hear you guys. The memories of that will never fade and your memories of this awesome man will sustain you through the sorrow of his passing. May His Memory Be A Blessing. It was an honor and privilege to know Sifu Buck and for that, I am grateful.
Just want to say that I'm so glad l mate you was a great teacher you help the kids on my block alot and my daughter you really helped her in school and I thank you and i thank God for putting a teacher like you in her life when she was going through thank you for being our her uncle Buck and another brother to me. May you rest in peace. A great man... May God Bless the family. .
Buck was a good friend in school and was my number one student. We learned a lot from one another. We were always having our battle of "the puns" on line. Will miss Buck.
Rest In Peace Calvin.....Heaven just gained one heck of a bass player. My prayers are with Marion, your family, and fellow band members.
Rest In Peace Calvin.....Heaven just gained on heck of a bass player. My prayers are with Marion, your family, and fellow band members.
Praying for the family
Bammin slammin bootylicious bass, kind-hearted, truly warm, welcoming, raspy voice from laughing, handsome, tall, and beautiful in every way. That was my first impression when I met Buck several years ago, and it never waivered as I got to know him better. The world just changed forever on Sunday, June 21, 2015. Let's change it back by sharing our memories of him to others. My love to him, Marion, his family, and all who relied on him to wiiiiiind me up baby bubba!
My heart goes out to the entire family. Mr. Buck was so cool and so nice!!! He was a good friend to my dad. And because of the connection they had I was able to connect with one of his awesome children Cal Buck and his wife Erica. I'm forever grateful that life managed to connect the children of two great men. I'm praying and love you all!!!
Coach will be greatly missed. God bless his wife, children and family as they prepare to go on without this great man.
Mr. Buck. Thanks for some of the best moments of my life. I had goals that I wanted to reach and it's because of you that not only did I reach some of those goals. I exceeded them because of you and the house band. Houseband on three!!
Buck set the stage of showing love to everyone and it's been spreading every day.Buck I know you can hear me and I wanna say thank you. We met in church 30 years ago and the service is still going on today.We LOVE YOU AND TO THE FAMILY WE LOVE YOU ALL TO.
The pain in my heart is beyond words to describe. I have worked closely with Calvin for over 10 years, and felt as close as a brother. H has been one of the kindest, most gentle and accommodating souls that God has ever blessed the Earth to know. The House Band is family and we will all miss his good humor, his humanity, and his love of life. His spirit guided this band and hopefully, all will carry some part of his spirit forward in life to share with all who had yet to meet him; I know that I will try to be an ambassador for the simple and quiet dignity and integrity with which he led his life. Rest in peace, my friend; may God grant you His mercy and, to your family, His peace. Fair winds and following seas, Buckster...
May God bless the family...My prayers are with family...
Buck, I am so glad I met you and had the opportunity to play by your side and have the chance to call you my brother! I know heaven has gained a true musician and you'll be missed here but I know I'll see you again one day! I'll miss you truly my friend!!! R.I.P
I feel lucky to have known and played with Buck. I will miss his solid pocket, his love of music, and his sense of humor. His enthusiasm on a gig always made me excited to hit the stage. Buck truly cared about every player in the band and always made sure his crew was taken care of. I am saddened that I will never get to hear that funky bass again.
It's very cruel that I just met you at the start of 2015 and you are already gone. Thank you so much for making me feel like part of the Houseband family since I met you. It will never be the same without you. Rest in Peace, Buck. You were the greatest.
Buckster, I know that heaven just got a lot funkier. Until I see you again...Houseband on Three!
Buckster, I know that heaven just got a lot funkier. Until I see you again...Houseband on Three!